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Evess e-Scooter 

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Why Evess?


Test drive

Right now we offer test driving of our electric scooters in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. NEW: test at home <50 km and send back if not fully convinced!


Workshop & Maintenance

With your Evess electric scooter you can always feel safe. Our general workshop is a full-scale professional workshop and is here to support.


Best batteries

By us you always find the market leading batteries from Samsung with the best prestanda on the market right now. The range is now even better with batteries with 26 Ah.



We recycle your batteries when they reached their end of lifetime. You only need to send us in the battery and we take care of the recycle-process for you.


Free deliveries

Free quick deliveries. We always aim for delivery within 2-4 working days. All products are sent with PostNord with PostNord or DHL.


Secure Payments

Secure payments with Klarna and Swish. You choose if you want to pay directly with Swish or on invoice/down payment with Klarna.

What Our Customers say:

Evess Electric Moped now with 26 Ah

Batteries from

Discover Evess electric moped

Every Evess electric moped is equipped with market-leading Samsung batteries! They come with whopping 26 Ah, which means that the range is now better than ever before. Evess electric mopeds are inspired by Italian design and always come with the latest batteries on the market. With its 2000 W powerful electric engine and a range of up to 60 km, it's a performance that convinces both in the city and on the countryside. Thanks to the two driving modes, one slow and one fast, it's also possible to get a reduced acceleration and a calmer ride if desired. The ectric moped is also featuring a built-in alarm and a key-less-go system. Choose from the four most trendy colors right now! Evess Elmoped must really be experienced, read more about or contact us for a test drive!

Svart elmoped från sidan

Don't hesitate - Contact us

    Don't hesitate - Contact us

      Electric moped

      – A fantastic way to drive!


      The electric moped is an environmentally friendly choice for the ones who want to drive quickly and smoothly and with no emissions. Since the first electric moped was introduced in the United States in 1895, a lot has happened. Today, the electric mop is not a second choice to a petrol-engined moped anymore. On the contrary, it may be the case that the electric moped beats the petrol moped with horse lengths in many ways. It is possible to make the list of the benefits of the electric moped very long. This is undeniably one of those vehicles that is only gaining more and more popularity with each day passing.


      The main advantages of the electric moped are:

      • It can be charged where there are electrical sockets.
      • With a powerful battery, you get around quickly in all environments.
      • It comes a long way with the same modern and powerful battery. You can commute to and from work with your electric moped.
      • It runs quietly so you can hear the traffic around you.
        It costs less to maintain because you basically only need to review the tires and brakes.
      • It will be as new again when you buy a new battery.


      Important to keep in mind when buying an electric moped


      It is important that you choose an electric moped that you are happy with. Keep in mind that there are some important differences between brands that might otherwise look quite similar. Some points that can be good to think about when you buy an electric moped are:
      What does the battery look like? Does it give a good effect and do you get many charging cycles out of it?
      What do the comfort and design look like? Can you drive a friend? Is it an appealing design?
      Is the price reasonable? Electric moped price is governed by several different things, but you should of course buy an electric moped for a budget that works for you. You will find all product information about our vehicles on each individual product page.


      Two different classes


      Electric moped class 1

      May be driven at up to 45 km / h. The moped must be registered and must have a registration plate at the back. An electric moped class 1 must be traffic insured in order for you to drive it. You are not allowed to ride on a cycle track with an electric mop class 1 and you must be 15 years of age and have an AM driving license. The electric mopeds with us at Evess are of class 1.


      Electric moped class 2

      Electric moped class II drives at up to 25 km / h. The same traffic rules as for bicycles apply and you must therefore drive an electric moped class 2 on bicycle lanes if there is no sign that says "No moped". You must be 15 or older to drive this moped and must have a moped driver's license if you turned 15 after the first of October 2009.


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