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Electric mopeds A1

Electric Scooters A1

Here you see all Evess electric mopeds of class 1, also called EU mopeds. They run at 45 km/h, have a motor power of 2000 Watts and can be obtained for up to 52 Ampere hours. We have left a strong mark on the retro style and want to create a feeling of the classic Vespa together with the unbeatable driving feeling you only get with older vehicles. What makes an Evess electric moped unique in addition to the retro style is that, like the vespa, it has a longer saddle, which makes the electric moped perfectly suitable even for two people to ride on. Thanks to its strong engine power of 2000 Watts and the strong battery, it can also maintain a high speed even on the uphills. If you don’t feel like using the full engine power, there are two driving modes and you can easily switch to the lower driving mode with a simple push of a button.



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