I have always been fascinated by the ability of sailing boats to advance by the forces of the winds – no fuel and in complete silence and calm. When I drove my first electric scooter, I was drawn to the idea why you can’t have the same feeling in the city on the roads – and also want to give more people the opportunity to buy an electric scooter.




As an engineer, I have always been interested in motors and believe and hope that electric motors are the future to invest in. I was especially motivated by promoting these electric scooters, since public transportation usually is way to crowded and these are a very nice and sustainable complementary.

Electric Vehicles for an Environmentally Smarter Society


The idea of a climate-smarter society led to Evess. We want to make it easier to choose climate-smart alternatives to commuting. We are city dwellers who like nature as much as the city, above all we want to enable more people to contribute to bringing the world’s climate back to what it once was – before industrialization. We believe that a new industrialization in the form of change of vehicles and industrial emissions to emission-free products is a must. New studies show that this is possible by partly planting trees that can store almost all carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and by reducing emissions. We therefore plant a tree for every vehicle we sell.
Driving electric vehicles is also much better – less noise and much better driving feeling.



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