3. USE





Each battery is a 60V20ah lithium battery with a unit weight of 9.8 kg, removable.


SAFETY. CAUTION IN DRIVING. Follow traffic rules and limit speed in the safe speed range. (Please note that the safe speed for this elven spa is 40 km / h)
Before driving, please familiarize yourself with the elven spa’s features first.
Warning: drive at a safe speed to prevent injury to persons and vehicles. It is very dangerous if you drive with one hand, without hands or after drinking.
Pay attention to rainy days.
Driving on rainy days is very dangerous due to the wet road. Therefore, do not drive at high speed and be careful of the clean. Remember to brake in advance to prevent the accident.
Wear a helmet.
Please use the helmet properly and fasten it properly when driving.


For better maintenance, inspection and service, each scooter we produce is in its frame number. and engine no. In this case, our dealer can offer you better service.
The frame number is carved on the main beam and can be seen when you open the number guard.
The engine number is carved on the outside of the engine.
It is better not to overload
The steering wheel shows a different feeling of operation when the vehicle is being loaded or unloaded. If the elven team loses too much weight, it is easy for the handlebars to vibrate and it is very dangerous. The nominal loading of this electric scooter is one person.

Everywhere except the allowed part cannot be used for loading to avoid damage to the protective board.
Do not place items such as cotton fabric at the side of the engine. of the accident.
Inspection, washing and maintenance before driving

Please keep the habit of checking before driving, regular inspection and washing. You should better use the soft cloth to wash.

Do not spill water directly to the brake hub, engine or front and rear axle when
you wash the elbow to prevent inlet water from affecting the function and service life of the vehicle.
Do not use steam or high pressure washer when washing the electric moped.


    1. Turn on the main lamp on the electric scooter, then the pilot light turns on.
    2. Control indicator: Open the control switch, regardless of the right or left, if the lamp
      is lit regularly, it indicates that the left and right controls have been connected.
    3. Voltmeter: when you plug in the power supply indicates the location indicated by the voltmeter points
      state of the power.
    4. Speedometer: Speedometer indicates speed.
      Turn on the main light ? the indicator is on. The light will glow when you use the controller. Enter the storage conditions of the storage battery. The location where the meter is pointing is the vehicle speed.
      Note! Please do not open the power supply when pushing a scooter, otherwise a coincident crash may occur with the scroll handle.
    5. when the key is set to “ON” it indicates that the power has gone through and the engine can be started. Do not remove the key or turn off the power while driving. Turn the key to “OFF”, the power can be turned off and the engine can stop. After that you can take the key down.
    6. Headlight switch
      Turn on the button, the headlight will turn on automatically.
    7. Roll handle
      The speed becomes faster when you turn the handle counterclockwise, and vice versa, the speed will be slower when you turn it clockwise. If you release the scroll handle, the motor stops rotating.
    8. Horn switch
      When the power switch is set to “ON”, the horn rings immediately when you press the horn switch. If not necessary, please do not push the horn switch in the event of noise pollution.
    9. Steering gear
      Use this switch to turn a corner or turn. To turn left, press left to left; If you want to turn right, please push the switch to the right. When the steering is over, press the switch to the center and the signal will go off.
      Note: Turn off the control signal to avoid misunderstanding others.
      Check before driving
      Checking tires
    10. Check if the tire pressure is normal.
      Please determine if the pressure is correct according to the hollow condition of the tire part connected to the ground. If the pressure is abnormal, use the tire gauge to check and adjust the pressure to normal. Generally speaking, the front wheel’s normal pressure is 250KPa and the rear wheel is 250Kpa.
    11. Make sure there are cracks or abrasions on the tire.
    12. Check that there is nail, glass or stone in the wheel.
      Note: Abnormal pressure, cracks and abrasion lead to inflexible steering and tires explode.
    13. If the tire out of the tire is worn by 60%, you would better replace a new tire.
      The study of light equipment and control indicator.
    14. Plug in the power supply and use the light switch to check that the headlight and the taillight are working properly
    15. Check the front and rear brakes to see if they run out of electricity
    16. Use the control lamp to see if it works well.
    17. Check for damage to the lighting device. Be careful not to affect the normal unit.
      Contamination and damage to the reflector and registration plate

1) Check if there is contamination or damage to the reflector.
2) Check if the registration plate is properly attached, if
the figures are clear and if there are pollution and damage.
Examination of the board

  1. Check if the handlebars come off by shaking it up and down and left and
  2. Make sure the handlebar is tight.
  3. Make sure if there is a phenomenon of collision. If there is a collision phenomenon, contact your local dealer for better service.
    Starting method:
    Please stand on the left side of the vehicle and support up the main frame to see if there is any abnormal phenomenon for the entire vehicle.
  4. Turn the key to “ON” to see if different lamps, switches, horns and switches
    brake levers work well. If all is well, you can put the main stand and be ready for it.
  5. Engine start
    When sitting on the vehicle, slowly turn the scroll handle, the drive will run automatically and then gradually add the speed.
    Speed can be adjusted by rolling handle. Speed up slowly and gradually.
    Speed up slowly when you’re just starting up and up. In this case, the engine power will be added. Release the scroll handle if you want to slow down the speed.
    Using the Brake
    The efficiency is better if you use the front brake only then the rear brake.

  1. Once you have recovered the rolling handle, please snap the brake handle properly.
  2. Please brake slowly, the best way is to lock the brake handle in the end.
  3. Please do not brake or steer suddenly. It is the sudden brake that can cause the
    side tie or turn, which is very dangerous.
    Note! It is very dangerous for you to just brake the front wheel or the rear wheel because it is easy to cross-cut.
    Driving attention
  4. Keep your natural posture so you can drive smoothly.
  5. Operational safety is affected by the location of the two-wheeled vehicle
    Please try to sit in the middle of the seat cushion to avoid overloading
    of the front wheel and shaking of the handlebars which may lead to hazards.
  6. It is difficult to speed up the road that is full of injuries and disturbances so you should best drive slowly and observe carefully.
  7. On rainy and snowy days, concentrate and prepare to slow down in advance, as it is easy to slide if the road is too wet. In addition, pay particular attention to the braking condition when washing the vehicle or driving through water. Be careful about the safety as the braking efficiency can slow down after washing or running in water. Also, brake slightly until it recovers to normal condition.
    If rain is over the lowest edge of the engine, do not run in water to avoid obstacles to the engine and rear brake.
    Parking Method
    Provide a signal when you are near the parking lot.
    1) Please turn the steering light on earlier, pay attention to the rear and side vehicles and pull up the car slowly.
    2) Reset the scroll handle and use the front and rear brakes in advance.
  8. When the vehicle is completely stopped, switch off the steering wheel and turn the key to “OFF”.
  9. When stopped, please stand on the left, step the main stand and raise the vehicle with your hands.
    Note: Do not stop the vehicle in the gentle slope when dumping. If the vehicle does not stop long, you can only use a tripod.
    To prevent the vehicle from being stolen, please lock the theft guard and remember to remove the key.
    Note: Do not charge the child or items on the pedal. At the same time, follow the traffic rules and remember safe speed.



Tips for using a lithium battery

Put Do not put the battery in liquids such as water, gasoline and soda and so on. In the meantime, do not wet the battery.
Do not use or leave the battery near the fire source or inside the vehicle as the internal temperature is above 60 ° C. Note that charging in the environment above is not prohibited.
Do not use the metal conductor that causes a short circuit between the positive and negative poles.
Do not connect the positive and negative poles opposite when placed in a scooter
Use the sharp objects to insert the battery
Do not break down the battery yourself
Do not weld directly after the battery
Do not use damaged battery
If the electrolyte touches your skin or clothing, wash with clean water
immediately. Storing the Lithium Battery
Each battery has its service life; change to new battery if the scooter’s working time is much less than regular time.
Remove the fully charged battery and fill it inside the housing and charge it for 2 hours every two months if there is a long-term use.
Charge, use and store the battery on site far away from static electricity
Wipe the connector end with a dry cloth if you get dirty before using it.
Battery usage and storage temperature should not exceed the following
requirement. Charging: 0 ° C ~ 45 ° C
Discharge: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C Storage: -20 ° C ~ + 45 ° C
Charger use and maintenance.
1 ) Use the original charger to charge according to this specification book. Assume constant
current and constant voltage to charge, reverse charge is prohibited. If the positive and negative poles were opposite connected, the cells could not be charged. In addition, reverse charging will reduce the discharge capacity and the safety of cells, which may cause heat and leakage. the light indicates that the battery is charging while the burning green light indicates that the power is full. Charging time is about 5-6 hours (charging time depends on how much left current is)
5) Stop charging if it did not stop charging during normal charge and discharge time.
6) Send the battery to the designated fixing station if there is heat, bad odor or conversion during use, charging and storage.
7) Remove the fully charged battery and fill it inside the housing and charge it for 2 hours every two months if there is a prolonged use.



Charging the Battery Place the charger beyond the children when charging.
Do not use the vehicle when it is not full of power or the battery life is affected.
The battery capacity must be appropriate for the charger. Use Use the original charger to charge
Do not use the charger for other batteries.
Do not charge for the lithium cycle with the lead battery charger.
Do not charge the battery in the discharge socket. (In addition to charging, the outlet sockets are the same
If there are high voltage circuits inside the charger, do not remove it yourself.  Keep away from liquid and metal particles to avoid destruction and do not drop or hit it.
 Do not cover any object during charging, which contributes to good ventilation and heat dissipation. At the same time, prevent liquids and metal refill from entering the charger.
CharDen this charger is for indoor use only, so use it in a dry environment.
When there is a strange smell or the temperature is too high in the charger, it should be stopped. at once and tested and repaired by the seller.
Use and maintenance of the motor and regulator
Check if the nut on the two sides of the motor comes off in a timely manner. Q Check if the motor wiring insulates the engine casing in good time? Check if the regulator wiring comes off in a timely manner.
Check if the fuse comes off in a timely manner.
Inspection and maintenance
To extend the usefulness of the vehicle service life and ensure safety and comfort, please inspect and maintain it for some time. If the vehicle is left unused for a long period of time it should also be inspected well in advance.
When the mileage reaches 300 km, you must check and maintain the vehicle.
Ips Inspection Tips
Select a flat country and set up the main rack.
It should be run in a safe environment to inspect the vehicle.
If anything unusual, please drive after the problems have been resolved. If the question is beyond your ability, please ask the maintenance station to do an inspection.
Operating System Inspection

  1. Check if the front fork is bent or damaged.
    Shake the handlebar up and down to check if there is any unusual noise due to the front fork curve. If there is, go to the dealer for help.
  2. Checking the brakes
    By measuring to see if the distance allowing free braking is within 10-15mm. If not, adjustments should be made immediately. If the brake lever is seriously worn (over 2/3) it should be replaced immediately.
    After adjusting the brakes, make sure the screws are tight to avoid danger while driving and remember to first turn off the switch and then the brakes.
  3. Check the effect of the brakes
    To drive on a dry and flat road at low speed, use the respective front brake and rear brake. Close the brake rod, if it still does not work, it should adjust the distance between the brake shoes and rims.
    During rainy and snowy days, it should increase the braking distance.
    If there are no special machine tools and measuring devices, go to the maintenance station to inspect and replace them. Do not disassemble it before you know the technology, or some parts may be damaged.
  4. Checking tires
    Check tires with tire gauges as they cool.
    NOTE: Abnormal tire pressure, tires that are full of cracks, harmful or unusual damage, etc. Any of these can cause arrest or tire failure.
    The vehicle is driving on the road, so cobblestones, glasses, nails on land can damage it. Please take care of such things as you drive. In addition, inspection should often be done on the mating surface and the side surface to see if any sharp objects stick into it or unusual damage due to being left unused for a long time.


Engine: The normal motor adopts rare earth magnetic materials with high material
Performance, external rotor direct drive wheel and gearless speed gear mechanism. It has stable structure, stylish appearance, high torque, low power consumption, strong climbing ability, energy efficiency, long service life and low noise.
Special maintenance is not necessary for the engine, but does not run in water. Special reminders: Do not allow the engine to run in water on rainy days, let alone allow the water to exceed the center axle of the rear axle. Check that the engine hub is fixed to the rear lower fork. If you find that the nut has loosened, unscrew it immediately or ask the most important service personnel to check it. speed control and E-ABS.
The controller adopts the high-performance single-chip microcomputer to control the chip, send sensing signal on time through components and send work order through program processing. It has high efficiency, balanced start and fast acceleration, which can make you feel stable, comfortable and in the best state.
Lithium battery: The equipped battery for this vehicle is high capacity, low weight lithium battery, long life and no pollution etc. Please note that the battery life is well connected to your method of use.
After a long period of leaving the factory, transport and storage, the battery power of the new purchasing e-scooter may not be sufficient. First charge the battery normally and then use the electric scooter.
The battery is also affected by the temperature. Its temperature range is from -20 ° C to 45 ° C. If the temperature is too slow, the effective capacity decreases by 20% -30%. if the temperature is too high, the service life is affected. So we suggest charging the battery in the room temperature range of 10 ° C ~ 25 ° C.
Take out the fully charged battery and fill it inside the housing and charge it for 2 hours every two months if there is a long term consumption .
Charger: This is a fully automatic intelligent charger, which is the most important part for supplying power to the lithium battery. In addition, the charger, which is designed as a fully automatic and drinkable style, can move to recharge in three steps without superior. In addition, it can be used wherever the AC 220V power source is available.
Place the charger in a cool and ventilated place during charging and store it from high heat and fire source. Do not immerse the charger in water or allow it to melt at high temperature in the event of an accident due to charging damage.
First connect the charger’s output connector to the battery charge socket. Second, insert the charger input connector to the power supply. If the power has gone through, the red light will glow. After charging is complete, first remove the power plug and then the plug connected to the battery. This procedure cannot be done the opposite.
The burnt red light shows that it is now charging. When the power is full and the green light is burning, the battery should switch the state with constant voltage and flow automatically. In this case, an additional 1 hour of charging is better, but usually the constant charging time should not exceed 7 hours.
(If the lamp does not switch after 7 hours of charging, please stop charging immediately and send it to the maintenance station.)
Charger safety instructions and advice

  1. When charging, use the original charger we offer, otherwise our company will not respond to the damages.
  2. Do not throw the charger into the back box as it is easily destroyed due to wave and wet.
    IIP does not change the original body, circuits, electrical components and other structures itself. If the performance of the entire vehicle and electrical components becomes low due to the change of the original circuits and the electrical components parameters, our company will be sure to take no responsibility.







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