Accessories for the electric moped





The first accessory you need for your electric moped is a helmet. We strongly recommend a classic good looking retro-helmet. Suits both Capri and Firenze perfectly! 



Can be purchased from us for 800 SEK.





Another important accessory is a good and secure lock to avoid that your electric moped gets stolen. Important is that your lock is accepted as a secure lock by the insurance companies, which means that it needs to be class 3 secure. You can choose between a chain lock, disc brake or a bracket lock. We recommend a chain lock if you lock the electric scooter for a long time. Then you can lock together the electric scooter with an object like a lamppost and thus be sure that no one moves your electric scooter and breaks the lock elsewhere. If you lock the electric scooter for only a short time, a disc brake lock may be sufficient. Jumper locks that ordinary bikes have are also an easy way to lock. Important to consider when locking your electric scooter is to always place the lock so that it sits over the fork legs of the moped’s wheel to make it impossible for anyone to mount off the wheel and thus take your electric scooter. We recommend a lock chain with padlocks from Clas Ohlson for SEK 649.





We also recommend for the safety of the electric scooter to have an alarm installed. This in case the electric scooter would, in all likelihood, be stolen. The alarm has sensors that detect vibrations and immediately begins to shout. We recommend one from Universal Alarm from TNT that fits electric scooters with 12V battery.




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