Here you will find all the accessories we sell right now. Right now we have three different types of helmets that fit perfectly with the electric moped. We also have two different locks, windshields, wind protectors, moped covers, pack boxes, extra batteries and extra chargers. 





Accessoires for the electric moped 


We would like to be able to offer a complete solution to our customers who want to start commuting with their electric moped. In addition to helmets and locks, which in principle every moped owner should have, we now also offer rain covers so that the moped can stay dry in all weathers. We have also realised the need for extra chargers because many people have requested these to be able to charge at work without having to carry both a charger and a battery with them each way. We have also listed extra Samsung batteries on this page, but on the electric moped pages you get an extra battery with a SEK 2,000 discount in connection with buying an electric moped from us. Soon we will also have stuffing boxes in the colors black, white, green and blue. The package boxes work perfectly to put the helmet in when you are away for a longer time.





All Evess electric mopeds come ready-equipped with alarms. This means that you do not need to buy an alarm or mount it. The pre-installed alarm has sensors that react when the electric moped is moved. This is in case the electric moped against all odds should be stolen that it starts howling when moving. The alarm has sensors that sense vibrations and then start howling immediately if you do not unlock the electric mop. In addition to alarms, there is also a lock for the handlebars which means that you can not steer if the moped is locked. To activate the control lock, turn the key two steps counterclockwise from the unlocked position.



Moped helmet is a must


The first accessory everyone needs when they decide to buy an electric moped is a helmet. It is also a requirement when driving an electric moped class 1 which includes the electric mopeds in our range! We strongly recommend a classic looking moped helmet. The moped helmets are an absolute quality helmet from Germany that meets all safety requirements and certificates, including ECE (high safety classification).



Drive longer with an extra battery


A big advantage of the electric moped is that you never get addicted to refueling at a petrol station. Refueling directly in the wall wherever you are is a fantastic freedom. Of course, it can still happen that you are without a charged battery when it comes time to go to training or for a longer ride. It is in this situation that you will be happy that you followed your intuition and invested in an extra battery for the electric moped. With one more battery, you have double the power and you are not without your electric mop when you need it most! You can also take the battery with you as a backup and insurance if you were to drive to places where you will not be able to charge the battery that is in the moped. Then you know for sure that you will arrive and that you can go home again without any problems. An extra battery is good to buy when you have to drive a little longer, when you have to drive in many different places during the day, when you forget to charge the battery you have or when you do not have time to charge the battery.



Secure your moped with a lock


Another important accessory is a good and secure lock on your electric moped so that it is not stolen, otherwise you will soon have to buy a new electric moped again. It is especially important that the lock you buy is approved by your insurance company. It is therefore important that locks have a high security classification, usually that it is class 3 approved. This means that the lock has been tested and approved to cover the theft protection on your insurance and that it is safe. It is then also required that the electric moped is insured for theft protection, ie a full or half insurance. What you need to know is that most electric mopeds you can buy already have a built-in handlebar lock that locks the handlebar in a fixed position. However, it is not theft-rated and should therefore never be seen as your only lock. To be completely sure that your lock is approved by your insurance company, it is a good idea to call and ask. A class 3 lock is usually enough and we recommend always locking your moped with a lock that is approved according to class 3.



Moped Cover


If you want to protect your moped from salt and splashes, a moped cover may be worth buying. The cover covers the entire moped and keeps the moped completely dry and also free of dirt. If you park the electric moped outdoors, it will also contribute to a significant increase in the moped’s service life. The moped cover also comes with a flexible bag where you can easily fold the cover and put it in the bag and then store it by the side compartment or under the saddle next to the battery. Read more here: moped cover 



Storage Box


A storage box is suitable for you who need a little extra storage for your moped or if you might just want to be able to store your helmet in a safe place to avoid taking it with you when you leave your moped for a while. Read more here: storage box



Package Price


You build your own package deal with the electric moped from Evess you want and the accessories you need.

Before you buy your electric mop, you can think a little about if you want: 

  • Package rack – This is optional but recommended if you want more space for storage.
  • Helmet – Choose between several colors.
  • Lock – An Abus lock is approved for the electric moped and ensures that it is safe wherever you park it. 
  • Extra battery – You can buy an electric moped with a battery, and you can buy a battery from the start. Click for two batteries and get our package price for your order!


Before you click on to buy your electric moped with accessories, feel free to check out the package price! Now just go to the shopping cart where you can clearly see what your package includes. Make changes or order and look forward to your electric moped, helmet, lock and extra battery soon being with you! 






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